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Eggs Benedict
Making Pasta
Grilled Steak and Green Beans
Easter Cake

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Welcome to Morghan's Kitchen, a virtual kitchen created to share my life stories through my food. We'll discuss #AllThingsBrunch, cry our way through the #DessertDiaries, travel on #InternationalThursdays and much more! All dishes and recipes featured reflect my life experiences and are unique to my upbringing. Rest assured that if your soul needs healing or your taste buds crave spectacular there's a place for you here, pull up a chair and let's eat!

#ChefInTheCity: Los Angeles

Happy Sunday everybody! I hope some of y'all heathens went to church LOL! Allow me to formally introduce you guys to the official #BrunchKlub. Of course there's me, one of my very close friends whose more like family and I've known since I was 12, Camille and her fiance' Jessica. They're FINALLY jumping the broom next year whoop whoop! Outside of my best friends, Camille and Jess are the only other two people on the planet who I know personally that obsess over brunch the way

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