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Eggs Benedict
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Easter Cake

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Welcome to Morghan's Kitchen, a virtual kitchen created to share my life stories through my food. We'll discuss #AllThingsBrunch, cry our way through the #DessertDiaries, travel on #InternationalThursdays and much more! All dishes and recipes featured reflect my life experiences and are unique to my upbringing. Rest assured that if your soul needs healing or your taste buds crave spectacular there's a place for you here, pull up a chair and let's eat!

Turkey Lasagna!

Let’s make one of Austin’s FAVORITE simple, comfort dishes, turkey lasagna. But let me give y’all a disclaimer over here. You will never learn how to cook from your soul if you’re always measuring every little thing. Yes you can, but this blog isn’t for all of that. Here you will learn how to cook off instincts and taste, NOT technical measuring. I will give you a measurements here and there when we cook and fasho when we bake because that shit is science unfortunately mixed

Vegan Brownies!

Hey gang! What I’ve learned as I’m figuring this whole food blogging thing out is that I don’t care to waste your time! I know y’all hate when you go to a good blog with a bomb ass recipe and there’s this deep ass story God knows what and you gotta wait until you get allll the way down the page to find the shit LMAO !! Yea, no! We are not going to do that here. So let’s just get straight to it. VEGAN BROWNIES BITCH! INGREDIENTS: (for the brownies) 2 c AP Flour (all-purpose)

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