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Eggs Benedict
Making Pasta
Grilled Steak and Green Beans
Easter Cake

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Welcome to Morghan's Kitchen, a virtual kitchen created to share my life stories through my food. We'll discuss #AllThingsBrunch, cry our way through the #DessertDiaries, travel on #InternationalThursdays and much more! All dishes and recipes featured reflect my life experiences and are unique to my upbringing. Rest assured that if your soul needs healing or your taste buds crave spectacular there's a place for you here, pull up a chair and let's eat!

Breakfast Klub!

It’s Sunday and that means NFL Playoffs, the couch, Sunday brunch, dinner or if you’re like our household, BOTH. I have been missing the south lately (which is like my second home) and all of its cuisine. My FAVORITE place to eat breakfast when I am in Houston is #TheBreakfastKlub . When I first tried it back in 2015 ish, it inspired me to initially open a restaurant because the food is THAT damn good. Never did I ever think a coupe short years later that I'd become a chef wi

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