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Behind The Knife: Welcome!


I’m Morghan, and yes, with an “H” because my mom was extra, Welcome! This is the boring part where I tell you that I am a former professional women’s basketball player, mother of a 7-year old man-child, and new chef currently residing in Southern California.

I began this culinary journey shortly after I was fired from my office job as a case manager at the end of 2016. I was at my second crossroad in life, (the first came after me hanging up my sneakers to become a mom but we'll get there), feeling defeated and unsure of my next move … again. I was tired of applying to jobs that I didn't really want to work at. I was going on interview after interview, taking test after test and nobody was calling back. Plus I was mentally exhausted from trying to figure out life all together, so one day, I just stopped. I took advantage of being a stay at home mom again and began cooking massive, fresh ingredient, sometimes scratch made meals for my little one since I had so much free time. I even started baking and making decorative treats, some shit I had NO clue that I knew how to do. I started getting order for treats or orders to make food for people, I couldn't believe it! It was in the midst of that breakdown that I had a break through or what most would call, my “Aha!” moment.

At that point the Chef God’s of the culinary heavens had been haunting me in my sleep. I started taking cooking classes at this place called Saute' Academy to test myself and see if I wanted to cook at the advanced level in a professional kitchen or if it was just a hobby. To my surprise the obsession grew after a few classes at Saute'. The owner had told me they were starting a culinary program soon and so I decided I would enroll. That was short lived when I received a long text in the airport weeks before that said some shit I did not want to hear about the school not being ready and blah blah blah. I had a start date in my head, and again I got on the plane feeling defeated, I even cried when I got to my seat because I wanted to do this so bad and I wanted to start in July like I was supposed to. I called my sister and told her what happened and the next thing I knew she had found the culinary school that I eventually enrolled in and successfully graduated from. WHAT ARE SISTERS EVEN FOR IF THEY CAN'T CREATE MIRACLES OUT OF THIN AIR?! (Naya I LOVE you!)

I am a proud graduate of New School Of Cooking that just so happens to be run by one of the founding fathers of Le Cordon Bleu. Post graduation I have become a private chef to some, part-time pastry chef to a few, and now on a journey as a food blogger to share my food, my way, through my eyes just as I see it. There will be a lot of laughing, definitely some crying, hella drooling, many questions, but most importantly, here you will find inspiration and maybe yourself if you are lost. In this virtual kitchen you will unlock the story of my life, trial by trial, dish by dish, heart ache by heart break, recipe by recipe. I promise to be as eloquent in my posts as I am dedicated to creating an unprecedented dish. I like to think I am more of a storyteller than a chef, but maybe for me, the two are synonymous. Either way, enjoy.

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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