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Drip Cake Shawty!


First of all, I have to honestly pat myself on the back for attempting this drip cake that was inspired by my favorite cake girl to date, @chelsweets on Instagram. But I also laugh at this cake because I know if I made this exact cake again today, y'all would think a professional bakery made it. This cake was one of the founding fathers of #WednesdaysAreReservedForBaking, we'll get to that but this post is about this cake. When I first stared venturing off into these kinds of decorative cakes and treats, the next morning I would either take the treats with me to Orange Theory (the gym I work out at), or take them to Austin's school for the teachers and his class to eat and serve as guinea pigs. This cake was sooooooo good and even had chocolate chip cookie crumbles.

The cake was made from a regular chocolate box cake since I didn't know really know I could make cakes from scratch just yet. The chocolate drip was just that Nestle chocolate syrup kids use to mix with milk to make obviously, chocolate milk. I did however make this buttercream frosting from scratch using @chelsweets recipe which is super easy, and then dyed the frosting the royal blue using the Wilton food colors. I got the Wilton food colors off amazon (my go to for everything), the cake boxes from the 99 cent store, as well as the cookies, powdered sugar and butter to create the frosting. I usually go to the 99 cent store nowadays when I am experimenting because when I fuck up I will keep practicing until I get it right.

Let's get to it!


2 chocolate box cakes

Vegetable Oil


Butter (room temperature)



Powdered sugar

Chocolate chip cookes

Oreos (for the eyes)

Fruit skewers

Food coloring (I used Wilton)

Nestle chocolate syrup (you can use any brand)

For the cake:

I preheated the oven to I believe 350 and then I followed the directions exactly on the back of the box. Next I took a bunch of the cookies and smashed them up into crumbles to go in between each layer of the cake. Once the cakes were done, I let them cool for about 12-15 minutes. Next I started with the bottom layer and frosted it all over, then added the crumbled chocolate chip cookies on top and repeated this process until I reached the top of the cake.

For the frosting:

Take a bowl and all 2 sticks of butter and 1/2 bag of the powdered sugar, and add 1-2TBS and a cap full of vanilla plus a pinch of salt, then begin to mix on low speed with either your hand mixer or a stand mixer with the paddle attachment. NOTE: If the frosting is too wet then add more powdered sugar 1 cup at a time. If its way too thick add more milk 1-2TBS at a time.

I put frosting all over the cake by the mound with an off-set spatula and then used a bench scraper to smooth the cake all the way around as best I could. Next attach chocolate chip cookies all around the cake as shown in the picture. Lastly, tale the chocolate syrup and drizzle it all over the cake however you want.

For the eyeballs:

Take 2 big Oreos and pull them apart and use the side with the frosting. Eat the other 2 sides. next take 2 mini Oreos and use the side without the frosting. Eat the the other 2 sides. Y'all know cookie monster is low key cross eyed, so we gotta make him look the part LMAO! Put one mini Oreo on the top and the other one on the bottom. Take the fruit skewer and dip it the frosting and make sure you get enough because it will serve as your glue and put it on the back of the big Oreo. Next stick the eyeball skewer all the way down in the cake. If the does not work for you, just stick both skewers in the cake and lean the Oreo eyeballs up against the end that is sticking out and BOOM! Cookie monster drip cake!

Frosting cakes has always been a struggle for me not to mention I didn't have a cake stand just yet back the either, let alone one that spins around. Don't even trip though, I'll have a post up soon of me making and frosting a cake so you can see the struggle and progression at the same damn time LOL! Also one thing you will ALWAYS know is whether or not a recipe is mine or somebody else's, whether I made something from scratch or not. I want to diversify the level of difficulty cooking and baking both really are for the at home cook who just isn't into scratch made food, or for those who want to be like Gordon Ramsay, feel me? There is a seat in THIS kitchen for any and everybody! But this is actually really easy to make and it was fun, it never felt like "work" ya know? Just try it, it's good luv, enjoy!

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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