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Cranberry-Orange Roasted Chicken Thighs!


I could NOT wait to share this recipe with you guys! Okay so first things first, I LOVE chicken! I'm sorry my vegan followers but I just looovvveeee chicken and yes I COULD give it up, but my taste buds don't want to, sorry! Anyway, as an adult my tastebuds have certainly changed. The things I hated as a kid, I absolutely LOVE and crave as an adult, starting with this cranberry frenzy I am on in the kitchen. From cranberry sweets to savory dishes such as this one, you name it during the holidays I am adding cranberry to it some kind of way. Cakes, syrups, loafs, chicken to name a few of the dishes I came up.

This one however is by far my favorite. I made some cranberry-orange roasted chicken thighs bone in. I added dried rosemary and thyme, used blood oranges, seasonings and BUTTER of course. I ate couscous and spinach as a side because well my birthday is rapidly approaching and I am trying to keep this waist tiny. Anyway, enough talking let's get straight to this to shit!

Ingredients: Chicken

4 organic chicken thighs bone in

1-2 blood oranges

1 sprig of fresh thyme and rosemary OR 1 tsp or dried rosemary and thyme

1TBS garlic salt

1TBS garlic powder

1TBS onion powder

1 tsp salt

1 tsp black pepper

Ingredients: Cranberry sauce (Quick version)

1 cup cranberries

1/2 cup sugar

3/4 cup water

Instructions: Chicken

1.) Rinse chicken THOROUGHLY, pat dry

2.) Season chicken with all ingredients listed

3.) Heat skillet to medium high heat

4.) When oil is hot, pan sear chicken thighs skin side down to get a nice crisp on them for about 3-5 minutes or until really golden brown

5.) Repeat on both side

6.) Chop orange in slices and arrange around chicken

7.) Drop in some whole cranberries, butter, rosemary and thyme

8.) Heat oven to 350

9.) Place skillet int he oven for about 15 -20 minutes or until an instant thermometer reads 160 on the thickest part of the chicken thigh

10.) Serve with cranberry sauce and eat immediately

Instructions: Cranberry sauce

1.) Pour all ingredients in a small sauce pot

2.) Bring to a boil on medium heat

3.) Let simmer

4.) Remove from heat

Please try this recipe if you are anything like me and the rest of the people in this world who LOVE cranberries! Until next time ...

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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