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Dragon Fruit Acai Bowl

Updated: Sep 5, 2018


Isn't this picture soooo pretty? Fun fact about me: I LOVE pink! It's my favorite color so know that in the event I ever find out some food is the color pink that I will in fact try it out, or try recreating it at home. Let's talk about the very trendy Acai bowls. I'll admit, I went on an Acai bowl kick because they are very trendy and they are oh so good. I was mad at myself for not having caught onto these sooner. I am typically not into trends of any kind, not trendy fashion, trendy sayings, and definitely NOT trendy music. I stick to traditional and classic everything and if I want to venture out, I do. But the color of these is what caught my eye initially and I took it step further when I discovered the Pitaya (dragon fruit) Acai bowl and its PINK!

Outside of how pretty the bowls are, dragon fruit has many health benefits, here are a few.

Health Benefits:

1.) High in nutrients such as Vitamin C & E, Magnesium, Fiber, Iron

2.) Chronic Disease fighter due to its anti-oxidant agents

3.) Promotes a healthy gut

4.) Protects Immune system

5.) Controls Diabetes

The recipe:


Frozen Pitaya packets (in the frozen fruits section)

1 cup apple juice

1 banana

toppings of your choice

For the bowl:

I followed the directions exactly on the back of the package on what to use to blend this together. The instructions suggest apple juice and a banana and that was it. Pour it into a bowl and top with whatever you want and it's literally done. I like to add crunch to the bowl so I used granola and almonds, then cut up some fresh Pitaya (dragon fruit) and blueberries.

The work is pretty much done for you, all you have to do is blend it together. I also love the versatility of when you can eat these which includes but not limited to breakfast, lunch, or a snack, maybe even dinner or could even be your healthy dessert! either way, they're delicious. Until next time,

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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