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I Stand With Kap!


N I K E: “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” -Kaepernick

It’s still baffling to me me how @kaepernick7 beliefs created such a nasty, controversial outrage. Another person’s beliefs shouldn’t affect anybody else especially in such a way that they’re basically forced out of their job, a job they’re damn good at. There’s also this underlying pressing issue of whether or not this whole thing is REALLY about his beliefs or about him being black and taking a stand. I personally feel it’s about race, because I can’t fathom what another person believing in or not believing in, being THAT big of a deal. So he kneeled, and? The blatant racism today is disgusting, modern day slavery. And of course the person that speaks out about it or stands against it automatically gets labeled an outcast.

There are plenty of other matters to attend to like impeaching Trump or like a bunch of other IG posts have mentioned stopping molestation in these Catholic Churches, poverty in America, dirty white cops killing black people and walking freely, the list goes on. And y’all are worried about an NFL player with a strong belief? This is America. I think what @kaepernick7 is doing is REVOLUTIONARY for our people but also people around the world and sends a clear message to BELIEVE IN YOU and ALL YOU stand for. Thank you @nike for recognizing this. Happy Hump Day! Until next time,

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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