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Monday's With Morghan!


Dreams And Playtime:

I’m sure almost every working mom or mompreneur can attest to either taking their child with them to work or taking their work with them to whatever kid friendly entertainment venue has WiFi. That was the case with me and Austin this weekend. I was working tirelessly on a project and he wanted to play. So I looked for places in my area that was fun for him and that had WiFi and fortunately @rockinjumpsandimas did. For two hours straight I was able to get work done in peace, while Austin wore himself out.

The kids screaming and having fun all around me was the perfect background noise oddly. I was also able to keep up with every jump on the tv monitors there. I use to be that first time new mom who thought I couldn’t get anything done because I needed to entertain Austin. Fast forward to having been a mom for a while now, I know that will never be the case again. I now know that I have #SuperMom multi-tasking abilities and can do anything. For now, I’m just chasing my dreams and Austin one day at a time. Until next time,

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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