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Monday's With Morghan!


Today I want to touch on how imperative it is to protect your inner peace. With the outside world already being negative and full of daily controversial issues, the least we can do is protect our inner peace. Who you converse with and what you converse about, what you watch on tv, the pages you follow on social media, all play a major role in shaping our thinking. All these things should be monitored as much as possible to limit negativity, and discussion of frivolous matters. Find things and people that promote POSITIVE thinking.

Your mind should be fed with things that inspire growth and radiate love. People will try to make you feel bad for protecting YOU, don’t let them. Please understand  you’re not obligated to carry anyone’s burdens, you already carry your own. You know that person that ALWAYS has something bad going on in their lives, nothing is ever good enough or right, or they just seem to have a problem with every single thing? You’re not obligated to constantly be their listening ear, it’ll weigh YOU down. I had to learn this the hard way, trust me. Today I choose peace. 

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan 

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