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Monday's With Morghan!


Let’s talk the power of prayer today! Yesterday in church the message was about how you should pray. Not in the sense of telling you what to say but more so telling you how to get straight to the point and how you don’t have to spend a lot of time filling your prayers with “filler words”. Basically, get straight to the point with your prayers even though God knows what you need anyway. Before Austin was even conceived I prayed for patience, strength, motivation, a renewed heart, endurance, wisdom, and discernment alllll the time for myself not thinking about motherhood. When Austin arrived, I realized I God heard those prayers all those years before.

He gave me the PATIENCE to mother Austin through his mistakes, the STRENGTH to be a single mom, the MOTIVATION to find myself to help create a better life for him, a RENEWED HEART to truly LOVE after the passing of my mom, the ENDURANCE to get through tough times the two of us would face, WISDOM to pass down to Austin, and the gift of DISCERNMENT to keep him from harms way. Prayer WORKS. Turns out that my whole life I’ve been praying to be all these things not knowing that all I’ve ever wanted to be in this world, was EVERYTHING to you! I hope everyone enjoys their Monday! Until next time,

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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