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Monday's With Morghan!


Serving you JC Penny catalog vibes on this wonderful Monday! I’m so awkward when it comes to taking professional pictures, but when it’s one of my friends pulling out their iPhones I think I’m Naomi Campbell lmao! Today I just want to tell you guys about the man behind the lens. This man is also responsible for keeping me in top tier shape for the majority of my basketball career @dino . He’s been in my life since I was 12 years old and we’ve been simultaneously getting on each other’s nerves and making each other laugh ever since. Wherever I have been in my life physically he was always a phone call away. “House, I need to drop some weight, where are you gonna be at tomorrow?” is all I ever had to say and he would come running. I appreciate that, and if he didn’t know, he does now.

I never knew he was this good behind the camera especially because the bulk of our interaction consisted of me being mad at the drills he put me through, the unorthodox moves, and annoyed because he always wanted to push me beyond what I thought my body could handle and what I wanted to do. But he is part of the reason I was able to play a 40 minute game without getting tired, and possibly go into overtime if shit got real. He always got me right, now he makes me look stellar on camera from time to time.  Anyway, 18 years later, Dino is still my boy, always will be. Happy Monday y’all ! Until next time,

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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