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Montage Mommies!

Happy hump day everybody! So let me give y'all a quick back story on me and Tasha. Our relationship is the perfect, "when clients turn to friends" kind of relationship. I met Tasha while trying to find somebody in Pasadena to do my lashes for the very first time a couple of years ago when my best friend finally convinced me to start getting them done. I found Tasha's lash boutique on Yelp and her reviews were amazing, now here we are 2 years later. I never looked back. I get compliments all the time on my lashes and she is the reason why in case anybody is wondering. She turned friend because our vibe was never forced and every time I would go in there she would always have the most positive and logical advice anyone could ever give someone. Her story about how she now owns her lash boutique is and has always been inspiring. She literally built her brand from the ground up, talk about #Goals. When I became a chef, she was one of my biggest supporters (still is), always encouraging to charge what I'm worth and then she became one of my clients and has always remained someone I consider a good friend. I'm going to stop here and get into yesterday before we all end up crying on this Wednesday afternoon, I don't have time for that right now LMAO!

Annnnyyyywaaaaayyy, so yesterday Tasha and her fiance Chris (sorry fellas, she's taken), invited me and Bear to come hang out with them poolside at The Montage. I got Bear out of school early, bought some snacks, loaded up the car and made my way to Beverly Hills. I texted Tash and told her we were a mile away only to find out we were at the WRONG Montage. Tash and I both felt sick and couldn't even fathom how two incredibly intelligent, street savvy, latest technology having, make a dude do a double take ass moms didn't communicate to each other which Montage they were at! Turns out they were at the Montage in Laguna Niguel which is in the opposite direction from Beverly Hills. If I have never needed a drink in my life, I for sure needed one right then! But Tash is my girl so I said fuck it, gassed up the car, got Bear some food and pushed back the other way. I figured because of how much traffic there was and how long it would've taken me to get home, I may as well just head to Laguna because it would've taken me the same amount of time to just go straight to Laguna as it would take me to get home anyway. Turns out the drive wasn't even bad once we got to the 405, so we had a straight easy shot there and it was all good.

I pulled up to the Montage and forgot I was even in California for a second. The views from the top floor were breath taking, the air was warm and seemed a little fresher than usual, and the wind was blowing slightly. Tash came out and greeted us looking like a snack per usual and took us to their suite. Tasha and Chris just had a baby girl named Everly and yesterday she turned 5 months. She was having her afternoon nap upon our arrival and was set to wake up any minute. I had one of Chris' infamous margaritas on the rocks waiting for me at the doe! We all went down to the pool, and of course Tash and I were each other's photographers, what else are girlfriends even for?! Bear was getting flipping lessons from Chris and then Tasha's parents arrived. It was adorable to watch them swoon over their grand daughter and support Austin repeatedly in his quest to do a back flip into the pool with Chris as his guide.

As the sun went down, so did Everly and we all hung out in the family room of the suite and waited on our food. Tash was finishing up some work on her phone, Bear and Chris were entangled in a football game between the Cowboys and the Patriots on the Ipad, and I was munching on pumpkin tea cakes from Mrs. Green (Tash's mom). The best part of the trip was hanging with Tasha's parents. This post was originally supposed to just be about me and her, but I can't help but share with you the conversation I had with them. The most beautiful music to my ears is to listen to grandparents share their children's life stories and offer advice and suggestions with what we should do with our own.

Her parents, (who are very much still in love and two peas in a pod might I add), are so very proud of Tash and forever grateful and thankful for the most precious gift she's ever given them, Everly Jade. Little Miss Everly is now a 5 month old, alert ball of cuteness and one of the happiest and most chill babies you'll ever meet. I'm obsessed with her long, Tahitian vanilla colored legs, and Gerber baby smile. A perfect mix of Tasha and Chris, but more Tash than Chris at least for now anyway LOL! As moms sometimes we get caught up so much in wondering if we are the perfect parents for our children, and if they are getting enough of absolutely everything we didn't have as kids, that we forget to just BE in the moment. Usually how proud of us our parents are, is the report card on how well we are doing as parenting. Last night, I could have sat and talked to Tasha's parents all night, and I probably would have if Tash wasn't about to kill Bear and Chris for screaming out loud because they fumbled the ball before reaching the end zone on the Ipad, plus he had school the next day.

Talking with the Greens made me miss my mother dearly and wish my dad and I would patch up our relationship already. (I'll save that for another time). It made me appreciate Austin's grandmother even more and all the advice she has ever given me. Our conversation made me want to model myself and future husband after them for when I become a grandparent. I can tell you I left the Greens and the future Mr. and Mrs. Yeakey feeling nourished and refreshed to continue to be a good person and to give everything in my soul to my Bear.

I am teary eyed as I write this because before now I don't think Tash has ever known how much of a blessing she has been to me. Always unintentionally challenging me to think bigger than what's in front of me, logically and not emotionally, and always, always preaching to me to SPEAK LIFE into myself because what I think WILL manifest. She taught me how to protect my peace without even knowing, and that is why she is more than my client and lash technician. The icing on our cake is that now that I have gotten to know her parents just a little bit more, I can see she had two incredibly kind examples to model after. Before departing the Montage, I hugged everybody, and before I could hug her dad he looked me in the eye and said, "thank you for being such a good friend to Tash", then gave me the warmest hug, and I almost burst into tears, but kept it together as a true G would LMAO! Tash and Chris if you guys are reading this, know you've got me for a lifetime.

The message here is to cherish those TRUE friends that you have, sometimes you may have mommy brain and it's OKAY, and always radiate light and love to people because you never know who you may be inspiring. Until next time,

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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