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Sugar Cookie Recipe!

Alright if you have been following my culinary journey for a while by now you know that I complain the most about the pastry side of things which is pretty ridiculous considering a lot of my business as a chef starting out has been on the pastry side. If you are new to my blog well, now you know what I complain about and welcome! I went to school to become a culinary chef and that is what I specialize in, COOKING. However from time to time I find myself baking and taking decorative treat orders as though I went to school to become a pastry chef. The thing about baking is that it is time consuming, reminds me too much of science (which I hated in school) and takes extreme precision in some cases to create the most outlandish cakes and treats one could imagine. I personally do NOT have the patience for that and it is not my passion.

My passion is cooking and cooking and COOKING and I am obsessed with the culinary (savory) side of the food spectrum. I get chills even just writing this post because that is how much I love bringing dishes to life and prompting comforting feelings in the bodies of my clients and those who sit at my table. I say all that to say, as much as baking gets on my nerves, here I am baking away and now I have dabbled/tried my hand at these decorative cookies that are booming right now on social media. I could use some work though.

I think a huge part of me wanted to just see if I could make these cookies and so I did. I love challenging myself in the areas that I am not too fond of to always be ready for opportunities that arise and a more well rounded chef. I came up with these Christmas cookies and yes they are for sale for the holidays. They are SO damn good! Kind of like Pringles, you can NOT just eat one it's insane. Anyway, lets jump right into the recipe for these cookies.


2 sticks of butter

1 1/2 cup granulated sugar

1 egg

1 cap full vanilla extract

2 3/4 cup all purpose flour

1 tsp baking powder

pinch of salt


1.) Preheat oven to 350

2.) In a large bowl or stand mixer with the paddle attachment, cream together sugar and butter until light and fluffy

3.) Next add in the egg and vanilla

4.) Mix flour, salt and baking powder together

5.) Add the dry ingredients to the wet 1 cup at a time making sure to stir until fully incorporated

6.) Divide the dough into 2 balls and you do not have to chill this dough if you don't want to

7.) Using a floured surface roll out dough to desired thickness

8.) Cut out cookies using desired cookie cutter

9.) Bake cookies on a lined baking sheet with parchment paper for 10-11 minutes

10.) Cool and eat

These cookies are almost brainless and the ingredients needed are usually ingredients that you all already have in your house. One thing I can not stand about recipes is having to have all these gourmet special ingredients. These cookies are simple and you can eat them as regular shaped cookies or you can decorate with icing like I did. I will post a separate recipe for the icing and how to go about decorating the cookies. I hope you all enjoy these as much as we did. Until next time,

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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