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Sunday's Best!


On my way to church earlier this morning and one of this main reasons why I LOVE my church is because they have REAL “come as you are policy”. A lot of churches that I’ve been to SAY that but then when you walk in it’s a whole silent fashion show/stunt fest. At this church makeup isn’t required, Hell I can even wear sweats if I want to. There’s no pressure to be seen or to make any statement. All that matters to this church is that you come and receive the word and fellowship, that’s it. I am very much like this church in a sense. I am not perfect but I am very much myself.

The people I’ve encountered can attest that I have a “come as you are” spirit. You don’t have to front around me, wear designer, be a “somebody”. Whether you got it or not, ain’t gone change how I feel about you. And more than likely if I got it then you got it. I just ask you to be who YOU REALLY ARE. I know Halloween is coming up but we don’t wear masks around here. Happy Sunday y’all! 

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