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The Easter Bunny


Easter 2017 was when I realized had a more creative culinary gift than I thought. Austin was in Kindergarten and his teacher Mrs. Penny sent home a flyer informing all parents that the class would be having an Easter picnic. The flyer listed the items needed for the picnic. I looked at the list and had an "aha!" moment. I texted Mrs. Penny and told her to tell the other parents not to worry about bringing anything to the picnic but to show p and that I would take care of the entire thing. I had explained to Mrs. penny that I wanted the practice of cooking, catering, and decorating. This was also when I was still trying to figure out which way I wanted to go in the culinary field. I had never catered a party. I'm usually the mom who dishes out the cash for either my sister or an event planner to bring my vision to life. I always have had a great vision for what I wanted, but I did not know that I had the gift to bring it to life until this moment.

Originally I had planned on just making cute Easter treats for the kids after looking all over Pinterest, and I did, but then I realized they needed something to eat as did the parents. But then, I found this easy bunny cake and lost all control. I called my friend Essence over and asked her to come sit with me while I pull this shit off. Needless to say it was a long night because I must've been so excited I wasn't thinking clearly. Why the hell I decided to do all of this stuff the night before, no idea. I could have started a whole day before, the day before. But whatever, I prevailed. I made the kids, a plethora of treats, from blue jello cups with yellow bird peeps on top to mimic them swimming in water, to chocolate covered pretzels in the shape of a carrot, to a pack of powdered donuts that dubbed as "bunny tails". You name it, I made it. The parents got chicken salad sandwiches on this really sweet wheat pretzel-ish bread that I got from Wal-mart. It tasted exactly like the brown bread from The Cheesecake Factory lol. Throw in some chis and fruit, and the parents were good. I ordered the gremlins pizza since they were already on a sugar rush, I figured the pizza would balance it out LMAO! And then, it was time to make this cake. *cue dramatic music*

The cake was actually easy to make considering I followed the directions from the Pinterest recipe step by step. The cake recipe I used is actually from one of my favorite "cakers" @chelsweets on Instagram. It's her famous vanilla buttermilk cake recipe, and then I just dyed the batter. I didn't know how to make butter cream icing from scratch just yet so I just used store bought icing in the colors from the picture on Pinterest from Wal-mart that were literally $1.00. I used some dry coconut that I already had at home and dyed it green when the food dye I use (Wilton brand), and some gummy carrots that were randomly in the cabinet. The face of the bunny I free styled with an edible gel pen in black of course, that tasted like black licorice.

When the cakes came out of the oven, I let them cool for a bit and then took one of the 9 inch cakes to cut out the ears, using the remaining piece as the bow tie for the bunny. Level EASY 1000!

I've attached the link to the Pinterest page I found this on. I hope this inspires you to try new things for yourself and especially for your kids. You will never discover what you are truly great at unless you get out there and try and figure it out, just like I did. I didn't know I could do all this shit until I did it, plain and simple. Get creative and have fun, and remember every little thing you make doesn't HAVE to be made from scratch nor does it HAVE to be thought of you by you first. Use Pinterest and put your own twist on things until you get comfortable enough to explore and experiment on your own. Trust yourself, it'll be good luv, enjoy!

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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