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About The Chef

The Roots

     I know y'all are hungry so I'll make this quick! I went from dribbling a basketball, to whipping up sauce in the kitchen, from inside the lines to inside the kitchen. I'm a true Californian born and raised but very much a Southern Belle at heart.  My style of cooking is a direct reflection of my personality, so think fresh avocados but a little extra butter, grilled chicken during the week, but fried and smothered on the weekends, polenta and grits, get it?  I'm also a mom of a man-child who dubs as the official #TestKitchen food critic and boy is he tough! I guess he has to be considering he is the reason behind the food.

     Although I have cooking experience that dates back to being a kid, I burst into the culinary scene on a more serious level back in 2016 after I got fired from my desk job as a case manager. I was back to cooking and baking every other day and the next thing I knew, I'm enrolled into culinary school and eventually receiving my Culinary Arts Diploma from New School of Cooking in Los Angeles.


     I am now a classically trained personal chef to some, a wanna-be pastry chef to a few, and now food blogger all nestled in the foothills of Southern California.  My virtual kitchen was created to tell stories through the dishes I create that are meant to inspire and help anybody get through life and navigate their way in the kitchen, besides, I'm more of a story teller than a chef in my mind. So pull up a chair and bring your appetite, cuz this shit is good luv, enjoy!

-Chef Morghan

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