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Eggs Benedict
Making Pasta
Grilled Steak and Green Beans
Easter Cake

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Welcome to Morghan's Kitchen, a virtual kitchen created to share my life stories through my food. We'll discuss #AllThingsBrunch, cry our way through the #DessertDiaries, travel on #InternationalThursdays and much more! All dishes and recipes featured reflect my life experiences and are unique to my upbringing. Rest assured that if your soul needs healing or your taste buds crave spectacular there's a place for you here, pull up a chair and let's eat!

Monday's With Morghan!

I woke up this morning feeling extremely grateful for my creative abilities. Knowing how to cook is one thing, but being a chef and...

ONLY salt & pepper?!

Okay gang, so this by far was one of the most irritating days of the first month of culinary school. Nit that I have been this top,...

Souffle' Bae!

Gang, let me tell y'all how excited I was to be making a soufflé! You couldn't tell me ANYTHING on this day in class, because soufflé...

Kitchen Organization

One of the MOST valuable lessons that I learned in culinary school was kitchen organization. Nothing is worse than trying to cook on the...

Back 2 School

Tuesday July 11th, 2017 at 5:30 am my alarm clock went off and it was time to get it..I woke up with a little extra pep in my step...

Knife Cuts!

Knife skills is one of the main reasons I enrolled into culinary school along with wanting to learn and understand the who, what where...

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