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#ChefInTheCity:Los Angeles

Updated: Sep 4, 2018


Fun fact about me: One of my favorite starters to get at any brunch is the restaurant's burrata and tomato dishes as pictured. Burrata is a new trendy cheese, that pairs well with mainly savory dishes (salty) but is versatile enough to be paired with something sweet. Every time two of my very best friends come into town no matter what we ALWAYS go to brunch. Our tastebuds are adventurous and we love trying new restaurants. This weekend was the weekend I graduated from culinary school and we wanted to eat well and sip champagne all weekend. One of my friends found this place called Mama Shelter in Los Angeles.

At Mama Shelter you can book a room or book a table. The ambience is a bit dark hippy-ish. There is a dope roof top with a full bar over looking Los Angeles. But enough about that, let's jump right into the reason you're here, which is to be informed about the FOOD. Of course we got mimosas for our drinks considering the entire graduation weekend I was on a champagne diet. For our appetizer we got the burrata and cherry tomato dish drizzled in olive oil with a pepita seed paste and grilled bread. And for my meal I enjoyed their prosciutto Benedict with mixed greens, tomato and fresh hollandaise. I wish I had some long drawn out story to tell you about how good it was but, I don't need to oversimplify saying, "the sandwich was DELICIOUS". The ingredients were definitely fresh and I appreciated their spin on a classic eggs Benedict by turning it into a sandwich. Their service was exceptional and the price range is affordable. I would recommend this restaurant to anybody and I would for sure return.

As a self-proclaimed "Brunch Connoisseur", not to mention brunch is what I specialize in, I feel it's my duty to provide you all with the best brunch spots are locally and in the cities I travel to. With this in mind, #ChefInTheCity was born. Until next time,

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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