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Lemonade Recipe!


Hey gang! I just wanted to share this quick and easy lemonade recipe because it’s HOT AF outside and people are out here THIRSTY!

What I love most about this recipe is that there’s only a few ingredients that your probably already have at the crib, PLUS you can add any ALCOHOL of your choosing to this recipe and turn your lemonade into a cocktail. Let’s get straight to it !


2 cups water 

2 lemons

1/3 cup sugar

2-3 Mint leaves (fresh & chopped)

2-3 Basil (fresh & chopped)


1.) Rough chop both mint & basil leaves & drop into a glass 

2.) Pour 2 cups of water into the glass

3.) Halve & Juice BOTH lemons

4.) Pour lemon juice into water

5.) Add sugar & stir

6.) Add ice cubes and DRINK!

Double, triple, and quadruple this recipe for large pitchers to accommodate your thirst levels. You can also adjust the sugar measurements to what YOU like. Always remember to use my recipes as a guide to get youbstarted and be show you the basics. That’s it for now, I’ll holla at y’all later.

Until next time,

With Love & Food

-Chef Morghan

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