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Updated: Oct 30, 2018


For the longest time I had been wanting to try the brunch at the rooftop restaurant in The Dream hotel in Hollywood called, The Highlight Room. I had their lunch before but because I specialize in brunch, I fee; its my duty to keep you guys informed on where to eat the BEST brunch. The weekend of the Beyonce concert I would FINALLY get that chance.  

One of my very best friend’s BG was in town (y’all will get to know that Tiny fire ball lol), we had tickets to the Beyonce concert, we had a VERY interesting morning so the very least we could do was eat well.  Because of what had transpired that morning we almost didn’t make it to brunch, but that’s another story for another day.  What we NEEDED was some bomb ass food and a good cocktail. We pulled up to the hotel, checked in and went straight to the rooftop.  The sun was shining, the DJ was LIT, and the vibes were hella chill. We were still in a bit of a funk but we were determined to make the best of the rest of the day. The FIRST thing we ordered was alcohol! We both ordered “Berries and Bubbles” which was Moet, Belvedere, St. Germain Liqueur, and of course strawberries. It was a little sweet and very good. It did the job of getting us a little tipsy and lighten our moods. We sat and looked sad and sipped and threw ourselves a mini pity party. We were acting like victims but still enjoyed the view of the mountains, breathing fresh air and the music. We eventually ordered food.  By the way, the view of the Hollywood skyline and mountains was breath taking.  The restaurant also has a pool and cabanas, live DJ, full bar and the best lighting for pictures. Let’s get into this delicious ass food though.

Usually when we go to brunch or breakfast Tiny girl is pretty simple with her order but this day she was fake trying to watch her caloric intake. She ordered the Strawberry Fields salad that had 7 grains croutons, almonds, feta on a bed of mixed greens with a poppyseed vinaigrette. By the looks of her plate when she was done I could tell it was amazing especially because she doesn’t order salads at brunch; that or she was really hungry. She is however, the oyster specialist when we go to brunch or to eat period.  One thing is for certain she is going to order the oysters at any restaurant and she did.  They were good but we have had better and they were small, but very fresh indeed. Listen to me sounding all boujee about oysters now LMAO!

As for me, I am the self proclaimed "Belle of Burrata" cheese. Just as Tiny orders the oysters every where we go I order the burrata no matter WHAT, and so I did. Charred leeks, heirloom tomatoes, and a balsamic glaze with a little bit of salt and pepper was all I needed to feel better in that moment. To say the least it was SUPERB, cold, and most importantly FRESH! For my entree I ordered the waffle.  And no, it wasn’t chicken and waffles it was duck and waffles.  Thanks to learning how to prepare duck in culinary school I now am obsessed with it. The first time I had duck was in Utah a few years ago and it was good but gamy. Let’s start with with waffle! It was light, crispy and golden brown and came with with warm syrup. The skin on the duck leg and thigh was extra crispy, flavorful and light.  As I bit into it the meat was literally falling off the bone. It was so tender, juicy and NOT gamy and YES I would definitely eat there again for brunch just to try new dishes buuuutttt I would still get that burrata baby!

The best part of the brunch though was when Tiny’s boyfriend Anthony surprised us! He was originally supposed to come in earlier that morning but he told BG (Tiny) that his flight got cancelled because of the weather in Dallas. That news put a damper on an already shitty Saturday because this was out first time meeting.  But when we saw that boy hit the corner we both jumped in our seats with excitement! We asked him how the hell did he know we were at the restaurant like two dumb dumbs, and he looked at us and was like, "INSTAGRAM! Yall girls put everythang on Instagram!" We BUSTED the fuck up with laughter like oh yea duh! LMAO! He immediately turned us up with shots of Hennessy and got us back feeling alright! He took THE BEST pictures of us and everything was everything! If you are reading this Ant, thanks dawg! We NEEDED your energy!

In short, if you are looking for a trendy but good spot to have brunch, lounge by the pool, listen to good music, take bomb pictures then please go visit The Highlight Room. The service was exceptional and even though it was super packed our food and drinks came out pretty fast. Outside of giving you the run down on food at brunch spots I visit, you need to know which spots are popular, fancy boring, small, kid friendly etc. My expertise in brunch will provide just that every single time. If you want fun AND good food/drinks, The Highlight Room is perfect. Until next time, 

With Love & Food, 

-Chef Morghan

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