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Updated: Sep 5, 2018


#ChefInTheCity Chef takes Houston! Disclaimer: You will see tons of more posts about my brunch dates and dining experiences in Houston. I am always there because two of my favorite people live there. Also because the south will always be my second home, Texas to be specific. I got my FIRST degree in Texas, won my FIRST collegiate championship there, I made a lot of new lifetime friends, I had my FIRST child there, so many FIRST memories made in Texas.

This was back in March when I planned a much needed quick getaway to the H. The crew of course decided we NEED to hit up a brunch spot, so one of my bestie's either Stefanie or BG found this place called, Kitchen 713. We brought along our homeboy Bernard with us also. None of us had ever eaten at this place so it was perfect for a new adventure. Tiny (BG) "took the top off the Maybach" i.e. dropped the top off the jeep and we pulled up. The place was crowded and full of black people which I LOVE to see when I go out, my own people. Kitchen 713 is also black owned and we ALWAYS support local black owned businesses on our food adventures. It was a nice day so we sat outside.

The day always starts with some alcohol as soon as we hit the table, so we all ordered a round of mimosas which is standard before we delve into our own cocktails because what's a brunch without mimosas? The crew also started this drinking game which I believe is for life, where you can ONLY drink with your left hand. In the picture it appears the drink is in my right hand but I don't think I was aware of the rules right then. Fun fact: I HATE the drinking games because I am not a big drinker, and my friends can drink allllll day wake up the next morning like NOTHING happened. They were ready to jump me one time in Denver behind a drinking game ( I hope y'all asses are reading this!), but I'm going to save that for another post. Aaannnnyyywaaayyyy, oh boy, with all this bomb ass food on the table. I don't even know where or how to start. I'm getting "RE-hungry" (yes I know it's not a word) just thinking about all this damn food!!!

On the table:

Grilled Oysters: bacon, nori butter, rye & dill

-BG usually orders these where ever we go and me and Stef just eat them with her. These were delicious and extra buttery and the dill & rye gave them a kick we had never tasted before

Chicken Fried Duck Breast Sandwich: fried egg, mustard green mornay (sauce), and duck cracklings (fat & skin)

-This was one of THE BEST breakfast sandwiches I had EVER tasted in my entire life. First of all duck is very fatty anyway, but add that crunch to it and baaaabbbbyyyyy we got MONEY! anyway the sauce was the perfect bitter but kind of sweet and anything with a fried egg on it is just amazing. Eventually I will recreate this dish.

Pecan Pie French Toast: fresh berries, pecans and a pecan sauce

-I also ordered this because I like to try a sweet and savory element at brunch, that's just my thing. Why the fuck would I only order ONE dish when I can order 2 or 3? The french toast was very tasty but the sauce elevated the dish. I didn't really need syrup.

Shrimp & Grits: New Orleans BBQ shrimp, and stone grits

Honestly these were not good, Bern ordered them and did not eat but a couple of bites of them. the grits were not creamy nor were they done and the shrimp was cold. Maybe it tasted this way because it was an overly was a busy day. We sent those back.

Breakfast Sandwich: brisket, fried egg

-Stef is the breakfast sandwich connoisseur, every where we go she gets a breakfast sandwich. I don't think she realizes it but she always gets a sandwich. Hers was very good, the brisket was a little dry but overall she liked it and would order again.

Overall I'd say we would visit Kitchen 713 again. The people were nice, our food was good, and we enjoyed ourselves. We enjoy ourselves anytime anywhere, ust throw in the alcohol and we good luv, enjoy!

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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