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I'm Feelin' Myself! *Beyonce Voice*


Too many times, we see women date men who from the outside looking in are out of their league.  We see women who have everything going for themselves from career to finances settle for a guy who is less than they deserve. As I got older and began dating, I understood that usually means the woman doesn’t think highly enough of herself to believe that she CAN have better, OR she falls prey to that stupid predator of a thought that constantly and simultaneously reminds her of her age and the fact that she may still be single. Now she’s wondering if she will be single and alone forever and dating any guy that will take her. The answer to that is yes, you will be if you think you will be. Whatever you think is what you will manifest but that’s another conversation for another day.  

I want to talk about the women who do think highly of themselves that get labeled by men as cocky and narcissistic. Did I miss the fucking memo on this? Am I late to the party? Because when the fuck did having a plate of standards and a cup of self-esteem lemonade make you a cocky bitch? I guess the answer to that question is that it only makes you all of those things to a man who is less than. Who wouldn’t want a strong woman? Now ladies don’t get me wrong there is a difference between being a strong /confident woman and trying to be the man in a relationship. I’m talking about the strong, self aware, self loving, strive to be great everyday type of woman.  The woman that wakes up every morning and knows she’s a "bad bitch" for whatever reason she thinks she is and I ain’t necessarily talking looks when referring to a “bad bitch”. It’s like men nowadays want these ole weak ass, docile, need a compliment every five minutes ass females who need to depend on them to validate they are worth something.

I was recently called cocky and was told that I think I am God’ gift to man, and the whole time I’m thinking “boy the RIGHT man for ME will think I am God’s gift to him.” You just ain't got the tools to unwrap me! (we'll jump right into that on Wednesday for #DessertDiaries) Women are constantly told to be great, just don’t be greater or better than a man. It is already hard enough on her that over the course of her life she will date her share of insecure fuck boys who will unintentionally and intentionally tamper with her self-esteem making her question her true power and purpose as a lioness on this Earth. I know it to be true because I have been there in a couple of dating experiences back when I didn't know my own worth. I say all this to say that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you if you think you are beautiful, a sweetheart, intelligent, funny, a great cook, porn star in bed etc. It is a person’s RIGHT to think and believe in themselves.

A man who is trying to court you that questions your self-esteem and takes it as anything other than you being just a woman who is whole on the inside, is usually a man who can’t keep up with you nor can he meet you at the level you are on. That is his problem, NOT yours. They will try to nit pick you apart to bring you down to the level that they are at to feel more like “the man” so you will depend on them for compliments etc. He knows you are the shit, he also knows that you are out of his league but also knows your weaknesses and to keep you from leaving he will bring you down and make you feel like you need him. A weak woman would go for that, a Morghan IS NOT! If a dude feels like I think too highly of myself then I know I've aimed too low. Why wouldn’t I wake up feeling like THEE BADDEST? I honestly do not understand that. I've always been told my confidence was sexy and attractive, not that I needed somebody to tell me that but just to a make point. The next time a man says you're dating/talking to makes references to your self-esteem just tell him you're good luv, enjoy!

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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