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Monday's With Morghan!


Let’s talk goals! Today is the first day of the last quarter of the year which means there’s about 90 days left until 2019, have you thought about your goals for this quarter? I’ll share mine. NOTE: This ain’t no fake social media shit these are my REAL 90-day goals.

FITNESS: Drop 5lbs, tighten up my diet a little more and tone my back and legs.

BUSINESS/BRANDING: Create better content on my social media to attract more traffic to my blog in turn producing more personal/corporate clients  

FINANCIAL: NOT spending all my money at the grocery store and Home Goods 😂

MOM LIFE: Try to keep Bear in one piece, find him a Scorpion costume for Halloween and make it to Christmas with no broken limbs, or red behavioral cards 🤦🏽‍♀️😩

SELF CARE: Continue reading books related to my emotional well being & culinary journey, continue listening to positive tapes every day, BELIEVING in myself and my abilities even more and really committing the next 90 days to JUST me. Focusing on everything mentioned above to the extreme as best I can. That also means NOT answering the past when it comes knocking on my door which includes old friends and past lovers.😕

Idk WHAT’S in the water but they keep tryna get me and sometimes I be falling for it then be lookin dumb when I realize they STILL ain’t talmbout NOTHING 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ Alright, have a great Monday, Bye! Util next time,

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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