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Tofu Taco Meat!


Hey gang! So the other day I posted a meal prep for a new client and she wanted mostly plant based meals.  For her dinner I made her “taco meat” but with tofu. Her sides were brown Jasmine lime rice, black beans, and homemade salsa. I added cilantro and seasonings, crumbled it up and boom you have you have taco meat. I used super firm organic tofu to mimic the texture of taco meat. Let’s get straight to the recipe


1 LB extra firm tofu

1/4 cup canola oil

1/3 cup water

1 pack taco seasoning

2 TBS Lawry’s seasoning

2TBS garlic salt

2 TBS garlic powder

1TBS pepper

2 TBS onion powder

Fresh cilantro leaves 

1/2 onion chopped


1.) Remove tofu from package, cut in slices and pat dry

2.) Heat a sauce pan and add the canola oil

3.) Place the slice tofu in the heated oil

4.) Cook the tofu slices on each side for about 3 mins and flip

5.) Next mash the tofu slices with a potato masher until it begins to crumble and look like ground turkey meat

6.) Add the water, onions, cilantro and seasonings and let simmer for about 15 minutes stirring every few minutes

7.) Turn heat off and serve in tacos or pasta

I promise you this tastes SO good for those that are abstaining from meat, completely vegan, plant based or just trying to lose weight. Test this recipe and let me know what you think.  It’s the perfect alternative for meat. I ate it with beans, rice, shredded cabbage, homemade salsa and a little vegan cheese to create the ultimate plant based taco bowl. I strive to make dishes very easy but tasty for you guys. I don't care to spend hours in the kitchen especially considering I have an impatient seven year old who's ready to eat at any given moment. Until next time,

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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