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#ChefInTheCity: Los Angeles


Happy Sunday everybody! I hope some of y'all heathens went to church LOL! Allow me to formally introduce you guys to the official #BrunchKlub. Of course there's me, one of my very close friends whose more like family and I've known since I was 12, Camille and her fiance' Jessica. They're FINALLY jumping the broom next year whoop whoop! Outside of my best friends, Camille and Jess are the only other two people on the planet who I know personally that obsess over brunch the way that I do.

When each of our schedules permit, we like to travel around the city and find the best brunch spots to stuff our faces, talk shit about our work weeks, be messy about celebrity gossip, and toast to being alive, being happy, and being healthy. We laugh non-stop the entire time at my #DatingChronicles, Camille's crazy #PolicePursuits, Jessica's #HospitalHorrorStories (she's an RN), judge everyone's outfits in the restaurant, and most importantly order and eat every single thing on the menu. Our strategy is for each of us to pick 1-2 dishes and share them family style. Jess is always on biscuit and alcohol duty, Camille is the #SavoryPolice (she's literally a cop) and I am the #SultanOfSweets.

If you are looking for a good brunch #YardbirdSouthernTable isn't a bad option and here's why. It's attached to the beverly Center so parking is taken care of. They have all the classic brunch dishes such as biscuits, chicken & waffles, and of course shrimp & grits but each of those classic has their own unique spin on them. For example, the shrimp & grits were made in a veal jus (veal sauce) with roasted tomatoes and ham, yes it was FIRE. Their version of eggs Benedict was actually a crab cake topped with a fried green tomato, crispy bacon and charred lemon hollandaise (the yellow egg yolk sauce) which we asked for ont he side because Camille is has dairy restrictions. The chicken skin from the fried chicken & waffles dish was the best I've ever had in Los Angeles! It as seasoned like somebody's aunty made it, and it was extra crispy like we love it. We loved the spiced watermelon that came with it, but the savory waffle was just okay in our opinion. The biscuits according to Jess our #BiscuitConnoisseur, were outstandingly moist, fluffy, but dense, but better than ya granny's! The pancakes were fucking out of this world, drenched in bourbon maple syrup topped with a light fresh fruit compote and some other shit I can't remember because I was too busy tearing them up. They have a plethora of brunch cocktails mostly made with some kind of bourbon in them (their signature alcohol), and of course the classic mimosa. Our drinks were pretty good, Camille loves to drink dark liquor so these drinks were right up her alley. Meanwhile Jess and I are more on the lighter, sweeter side of the alcohol spectrum.

The ambiance will give you bourgeois (boujee) southern vibes. The restaurant itself is bright and airy, outdoor seating is available, inside there is plenty of space and family style booth seating. The service was exceptional outside of the fact that there were two hostesses who almost me fucked up for cancelling our reservation without notice because we were 4 minutes late and the restaurant was NOT crowded upon arrival. Anyway, the food was piping hot and came out pretty fast. We sat by a big window which provided the natural lighting I needed to capture these amazing pictures.

I hope this post if nothing else has made your laugh a little and has given you enough insight to want to try #YardbirdSouthernTable at least once, one day after church or rolling out of somebody's bed hungry. We will definitely be going back and we will make sure we are there 282934305 minutes early so I don't have to act my skin color on the good Lord's Sunday. Until next time,

With Love & Food,

-Chef Morghan

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